The breathalyzer Photo-booth.

We all know photobooths are fun but you know what’s even more fun? A photo-booth when people are intoxicated. All those silly faces and majestic poses produce the most epic roles of black an white 2×2 strips.

Since it’s new years I thought I put together a a photo-booth from my Polaroid given to be my a good friend. The to the impossible mission it’s still possible to get Polaroid film here in NYC. Albeit it does coma at a hefty price. ($20 for pack of 8 shots)

The problem with poloroid machines is that they trigger is located at an awkward position on the left hand side of the machine.

I had to create a 3d printed part that would fit onto a servo and the shutter trigger to get this to work.

problem trigger

Having a 3d printer is quite handy and I was able to make a piece that I could use a servo to push.

the design can be found here:

trigger piece in action

trigger piece in action

With this much we’re pretty much ready to go all we need is a simple toggle button. I found this one at Radio Shack.


So now we have a simple photo-booth. Nothing fancy hit the button a timer will light up the lights give you a countdown to the red LED and bam. You have a poloroid selfie. But one fun are sober selfie’s. I want everyone that gets in front of this camera to have a sufficient amount of alcohol in their blood to get that glammor shot. SO, luckily I had an MQ-3 alcohol sensor just lying around. This is a fairly off the sheld ethyl alcohol sensor you can get from sparkfun ( I would suggest getting the breakout board as well as the documentation is quite iffy.

I used a 4 D cell battery pack with only 3 batteries to power the Breathalyzer. 3 cell’s gives you 4.5V. You can use some alligator clips to short the last cell.

There are plenty of examples on how to wire up the Breathalyzer on the sparkfun page I followed this example which worked well for me.

I also used a potentiometer to switch between the Breathalyzer and standard trigger. you can skip this part or use a switch. I just happened to have this POT lying around.

The Gas sensor takes a bit of time to heat up so best get it running a few minutes before testing. I used a simple bottle with some exhaust valves in order to get a better reading.

WP_20140106_16_11_28_Pro WP_20140106_16_13_17_Pro

Code for the app the app is very simple.

Happy shooting!!

Arduino code:



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