How google can make Glass work

Glass is trying to break new frontiers by  adding technology into the line of site of users. Every hackathon I go to I see more and more users walking around trying to do new things with this potentially disruptive technology. Though glass faces a lot of challenges till it’s a socially excepted platform. Through it arises many problems  mostly being largely social. As Sergei Brin took stage at TED wearing glass he complained that people are constantly looking down into these hand held devices getting distracted from the world. His solution was putting  the screen in from your phone in your hand to in front of our eyes. I’m a huge fan of HUDS as tools but as social tools I’m on the same side of the wagon that thinks that this is just a bit too odd.

My main problem with Glass comes from the dispersion of attention. At least when you’re looking down at you’re phone I know your attention is not with me and I if I’m having a conversation I know what I can expect from you. However, with glass why am I even bothering to talk to you? I don’t know if you’re playing solitaire watching a video or taking pictures of me while I talk.

The ubiquitousness of the technology makes it hard to grasp.


So in my view the one of the major social problems with google glass lives in the fact that we now have no idea where the attention of the person lies. This might be fine for cases when the user is alone (tool usage) but in a social presence it is distracting and has created several memes online  for “glassholes”.

glass mod

I’m proposing a simple and elegant solution to google to try to fix this problem. Given google can make the design modular, they can simply  have the HUD flip up of glass, indicating that it’s actually turned off and the users attention lies with you. This would actually portray that the attention of the user you. This also creates a very easy mechanism of turning the apparatus on or off. Just like the flip phones of the old ages. It also provides a very simple mechanism of turning it on and off and perhaps you simply do not want or need a HUD blocking your field of view.


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