Data Science Toolkit on Azure

Over the weekend I had a bit extra time and thought I would try to create an image for the Data Science Toolkit that runs on Azure. For those who don’t know DSTK is a machine image created by Pete Warden that is littered with datasets and tools that are quite useful when trying to add a geospatial element to a datasets( As DSTK already offers EC2 and Vagrant images I also wanted to make this available to the azure community at large through the VMDepot hosted by Microsoft Open Tech in the form of a VHD.

For those of you who are new to Azure, Microsoft Open tech works with a numerous set of open source software projects to make them work well with Microsoft platforms. They also host the VMdepot which is a repository of pre built VM images that can be used to create instances in Azure.

To use this image you need to first import the image to your account through the Azure portal. Once it has been copied to your storage account you can easiliy boot a new VM using that image.


This is the first time I’m actually creating a community image so the likelihood there are problems are very large. Please bear with me and leave comments I’ll try to get them fixed. Image can also be found here for download

Thanks to my good friend @Jakdemir for trying to get this running on Azure through Vagrant. This actually worked as well. I’ll have the details for that on another post.


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