How to move VM’s from rackspace, amazon aws to Azure

There is no easy way to move images across cloud service provides. Amazon’s AMI format doesn’t work in azure and ec2 only allows you to export Windows VM’s in VHD format. So there lies a pickle. How can I move my Linux images to azure to take advantage of the Bizspark 60k offer for startups.

Following these steps you can actually use rsync to copy an image to azure. Thanks to cloudnull for the post.

One extra step needed for azure is the installation of the azure-agent package which helps in azure configuring these VM’s on provisioning time.

This is also easy to install on the machine and the steps can be found here


One thought on “How to move VM’s from rackspace, amazon aws to Azure

  1. Hey there just wanted to say thanks for the mention and write-up. I’m glad you found the InstanceSync( script useful. While I’ve never used azure before, I’d be curious if there are any tells from within the os that might indicate that the target host is an azure cloud instance. If so, maybe I could add in some logic that would automatically install the azure agent prior to rebooting the target instance. Just a thought, I’d love to hear your feedback. Any who, thanks again, cheers and cloud on.

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