Player Framework and 3rd party video ads

I wanted to share a powerful library that I came across for integrating HLS and smooth streaming video into Windows8 apps. It’s called Player Framework and it’s an open sourced library from Microsoft that makes integration of HLS and smooth streaming video into win8 app pretty easy. The most common theme used when integrating video’s into app is the requirement to insert advertising. Integrating ads into video aps from 3rd parties is incredibly simple with this framework. It also supports the widely Popular VAST format in which video ad information is relayed.

The player framework makes this incredibly simple to do.

To try this out you can have 3rd party ad’s running in your application in no time.
First off there are 2 pre reqs for the Player framework which can be found here:
Once these are downloaded and the player framework is downloaded and installed (  
After this is setup you can download and run the example code here:
Open up the project Microsoft.PlayerFramework.Xaml.Samples project and check out the file ProgrammaticAdPage.xaml
To get this to work with yume I simple modified the following line

                var adSource = new RemoteAdSource() { Type = VastAdPayloadHandler.AdType, Uri = new Uri(“”) };
Which one the demo is launch and you navigate to the ProgrammeticAdPage example showed me a Ford Ad mid roll. ( the default will show an xbox ad)

Hope this helps you getting started with microsofst player framework and integrating 3rd party video advertising.



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