Adding a cup holder to the NYC Citi bike

I think the most amazing thing 3d printing brings to the table is to produce millimetric quality prints that can be used for modifying things of almost any shape.
You suddenly realize that the caliper becomes an immensely powerful tool, letting you make incredibly tight fitting builds that you can use to modify or advance almost anything. Last winter a friend of mine had a really cool idea. What if there was a cup holder on the citi bikes. Since a lot of people are using the bikes to commute. It would be pretty fun to have someplace to hold your beverage. I don’t support drinking and biking but having someplace to hold your coffee while you peddle to work just felt liked a good idea.

This is a proof of concept design that I put together using Solidworks 2014.

I wanted to create something that was simple enough and durable enough to hold a Venti Starbucks cup.

I also wanted to make sure that it was easy to attach the cupholder without using any extra components. For this I though of using the bungee cord that comes pre equipped with every city bike.

I went through a couple iterations trying to simplify the design to make it be stable and simple. I started working in Tinkercad but found it too limiting very quickly.
Moving over to solidworks had its learning curve but the benefits were immense.

I’ve uploaded the finished product to Thingiverse where anyone can download it and print it:

PM me if anyone would like the Solidworks assemblies.

WP_20140625_14_35_48_Pro WP_20140625_14_35_26_Pro WP_20140625_14_35_37_Pro

Happy biking,


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