Building a FPV racing drone Part 2

Once you have all your parts in order you can start your assembly

Start you assembly by putting together the ESC’s I noticed that the 12A hobbyking BEC I’m using are not Simon K flashed so I’ll go into the details of that further but not letting it stop my right now.  I later witched these out with Afro 12A ESC’s that can be found.

First we need to create the power distribution circuit.


If you’re not using a power board get your soldering iron ready as were going to be using it a lot.
Simply put the power flows through the ESC’s to the Flight controller to the receiver

Start by Soldering some 16AWG wire to your Xt60 battery connector. I had a bit of trouble finding good sized heat shrink wrap to put around  the  connection points.


Second you need to cut the 16AWG   wire to form 2 different branches so you can distribute the power to each ESC.


I did this by branching out the positive side and the negative side to two smaller branches.
Once the ESC’s are sorted out we can move across to connecting them to the motors.
This is a bit of a tedious process as you want to cut the lengths of the motor control wires and the motor wires such that there is minimal slack between the esc and the motor.

Below you can see this after the soldering. Take note to remove the power cables from all but one ESC going to the flight controller. The cable color coding is as below. So cut the Brown and red from all esc signal cables but one prior to plugging in. This is explained in the cc3d wiki
ESC signal wires:
Brown – Red – Orange
Neg – POS – Signal


Before we zip tie everything down I’ll make sure to check that everything is working. Remember to cross the wires of 2 opposing ESC to give counter rotation to the props on opposing ends. This will save you some time future debugging hours.

Also ideally you would like the arrow on your CC3D board facing the front of the quad but again this is not necessary as you can tune this later in through the openpilot software. JUST REMEMBER THIS BEFORE YOU FLY. (more details on CC3D board here

At this point you can go ahead and download GCS here :

Simply step through the Aircraft setupwizard. This will make you update your CC3D firmware , calibrate your ESC’s and make sure all you motors are oriented correctly and spinning the right way.

You can now go ahead and plug in your receiver. I removed the casing from mine to make it smaller and easier to mount. I chose to mount it on top of my CC3D board with the dual sided foam tape.

As a transmitter I got the  Turnigy 9x reciever priced at 50$ at hobby king this is a steal. This also comes with a 9 channel receiver.
Here are a few pictures of the setup. I have the FPV transmitter mounted in the back along with the receiver antenna.  I’m thinking this might cause some interference but we’ll see.


At this point we’re almost ready to fly. You’re probably thinking “well , were is my camera?”
This is one step before that. We’ll be needing to calibrate the transmitter and the quad before we’ll be mounting our camera.

I’ll be going over pre flight and final FPV pre checks in the Final and calibration and 3rd post : )




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