Poor mans DIY Laptop Stand

Continuing on my “Poor Mans” series I found that making things with what you have at hand can be both fun and resourceful. To set the stage it might help to give some background first. Around a month ago, I left my position at Microsoft and have relocated to Kigali, Rwanda. I joined a team of inspiring people looking to reshape energy and in healthcare in Africa. They are called Great Lakes EnergyYou can check out their new website which we just launched.

Being in Rwanda you need it’s a bit harder to get some o the fancy things we might get used to at home. Amazon one click simply isn’t one click away. So sometimes you need to improvise. Since I would be working of my Acer S7 now, one of these things that I quickly found I needed was a laptop stand. I was looking for the classic macbook tilted stand that we’ve come to see as the staple of every startup office around the US.

So in the spirit of DIY, I put on together with some parts I found around the office. First and foremost was using the stand of a Sunking lamp as the base. (Sidenote: the sunking lamp is an awesome 20$ solar lamp that’s incredibly durable, Something I wish we had in the states! )

sun king solar power lamp

sun king solar power lamp

Great Lakes is also a distributor of sunking lamps so we simply happened to have a lot of them lying around. I quickly realized that the bent wire stand could be perfect for this job.

I simply needed a piece of PVC covering to act as a flange to hold the laptop on the stand. After drilling to holes in the PVC panel, I made to stoppers using masking tape.

Stand with PVC cover

Stand with PVC cover

Lastly, I needed some added weight on the bottom in order to keep the stand well balanced. I found some large steal bolts hanging around in the storage room. Strapping these to the bottom of the stand worked well.

Finally it was ready for testing.

it works

it works

Looks like we have a winner.


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