ABS Welding for 3dprinted objects

Recently, a close friend of mine sent me a video showing a method to fuse ABS printed parts together. Generally, with 3d printing, as the objects being created get further complicated , it’s a common requirement to print them as multiple part and  use some sort of adhesive to bring them together.

ABS Filament fusing is just like welding. Though, instead of using electricity to arch and thus cause heat, we are looking at using a dermal to cause heat through friction.

It’s a very straight forward process and works very well! I’ve included a video of me demonstrating after a recent test. The results are far better than using a hot glue gone or simply super glue.

A quick final  note: I’m using ABS filament for this. In principle I don’t see why PLA shouldn’t work though I haven’t tried it. If someone does I would love to hear their experience.